Open Air Degree Was A Great Success

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The officers and Members of Wells Lodge No. 915 would like to extend it’s sincere appreciation to all of those who made the the Outdoor Degree possible. At last count, we have over 105 in attendance from all over the state of Texas and Louisiana. It was a truly awesome experience to see a degree conferred by lantern and candle light outdoors while listening to whippoorwills and coyotes sing in the background. It literally gave you chills as you reflected back to think this is how our brethren so many years ago met to confer degrees in order to keep Freemasonry alive for us to enjoy today. It was one of those Masonic experiences to cherish for years to come.

First of all we would like to thank the Grand Masters of the State of Texas and Louisiana for granting the dispensation for the degree and making it possible. Without their approval, this would have never been possible.

Secondly, to Lake Charles Lodge in Lake Charles, Louisiana, Charlie Bordelon, Charles Bertrand, David Scritchfied and the other brethren from Louisiana for putting together an outstanding degree team and bringing the candidate for such a long journey for this degree. You all done a fantastic job.

Thirdly, all of the members of the following lodges for for assisting us with the event or loaning us items for the degree.
1) Members of Garrison Lodge #670 for cooking the meal. You did an outstanding job.
2) Members of Bullard Lodge #785 for loaning equipment and supplies for the degree.
3) Members of Cushing Lodge #911 for providing deserts for the degree.
4) Members of Terrell Lodge #83 for loaning supplies for the degree. 

Fourth, The members and Officers of Wells Lodge # 915. You all worked so very hard to make this degree take place. It was a tremendous undertaking but you made it happen. Know that you provided a tremendous experience for brethren from two different states to enjoy. Your time and efforts did not go unnoticed by the many visitors that we have from around the state and Louisiana.

To everyone else we may have missed, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your hard work brought together an event here in East Texas that so many have never seen before and we believe they left knowing they experienced a great evening of masonic work and friendship to cherish for years to come.

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